Featured Artists

Melissa Chambers

This will be Melissa "Sasi" Chambers' third year as a Chalk Art Festival Featured Artist!  She is a founding member of the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance, and served as the Chair of the Exhibitions Committee for 13 of the 15 TVAA exhibitions displayed in the Offices of Boise State Public Radio.
Chambers is a prolific visual artist who in addition to painting "paintings,"  will paint just about anything that holds still long enough, including floors, doors, bicycles and cowboy boots.  She especially loves creating Public Art, and has designed three traffic boxes (two in Boise, one in Nampa), three bus shelters in downtown Boise, and a giant work of ephemeral art for the 2014 Treefort Music Fest which included seven 8 X 10 ft. "Tarps Picadas" that hung on the back wall of the Record Exchange for 6 months.  Those original tarps have evolved into a new medium which Chambers has dubbed "Tarpestry" and they, along with several new tarpestries, will be featured in a one artitst exhibition at the BSU Student Union Gallery, December 2015. 
Chambers is married to fellow artist, Michael Chambers, and is the proud mom of daughter Lina Chambers, and son Logan Chambers. 



Lauren Kistner

Lauren T Kistner is a mixed media artist residing in Boise, Idaho. Her interests in art spurred early on and were supported by her mother’s career as a stained glass artist. Raised on the farm, her love of the land and attention for detail developed into a deep fascination with geothermal activities, topography, and other natural phenomenon.

She received her BFA, cum laude, in 2005 from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, double majoring in Painting and Photography. Her broad perspective gained from studying multiple mediums allows her to explore, experiment, and create unique works of art. Through a combination of line, color, and texture, she focuses on portraying the experiences of her travels with her signature abstract style of painting. When she’s not in the studio, her inspiration is out on a dirt road or snacking in the garden with her hens.

Kistner’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, including Gallery 154, Wiseman Gallery, and the Modern Art Event. She is an exhibiting member of Boise Open Studios and the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance. Her work can be found at Art Source Gallery in Boise, Idaho, and in private and public collections across the U.S.



Danielle Mierzwa

I used to draw on sidewalks as a kid, but never thought I would be capable of creating the artwork I can now. I think it’s fun and great to create something eye catching in public on a sidewalk that everyone can enjoy. My goals are to continue being an artist and to sell and share my work with others. I have done the chalk festivals previously, painted a few murals, painted a transformer box at my NAU campus where it took place in the campus symposium where we painted in front of people. I enjoy wood burning, painting, drawing, and printmaking.

My love for animals is unending, they’re majestic and free. I love hiking out and finding elk and other animals for paintings. Animals for me are inspiring, unpredictable acts of nature that I truly respect and admire, something most people tend to look past or forget about.



Chi E Shenam Westin

I create art and paintings of the West. We live in a vast land where mountains 60 miles away are crisp on the horizon.  Canyons cut through the plains and the skies are deep in their  brilliance, ever changing, sometimes with only moments of  impossible color. I try to capture the silence and stillness of  the land, along with the magic, mystery and grandeur of life  unfolding. I work a lot with light and atmosphere moving across  the land and water.

I live in Boise, Idaho and go out into the mountains and deserts,  and at times over to the ocean to paint. I also work with pen and ink drawings, finished with colored  pencil, and Zen One Stroke paintings. I show my paintings every first Thursday in the Alaska Center,  1020 Main St. in Boise and at Green Chutes in the Collister shopping center and Nfinity gallery, Bodo.

Chi E Shenam Westin Mr_chi@msn.com


Julia Green


Julia Green is an illustrator born, raised and currently residing in Boise, ID. Her work is a mix of humor and soft feelings inspired by wildlife in Idaho, her favorite cat buddies, biking, secret societies, and fables. In 2010 she graduated from Boise State University with a BFA in Illustration. She currently works at Whole Foods Market as a Graphic Artist creating hand drawn chalk signs and printed materials. You can also find her chalkboard work at Bittercreek Alehouse and Bogus Basin. Her freelance work includes gig posters, album artwork, t-shirts, spot illustrations, card designs, gift wrap designs, public works and more.


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